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The Value of Dua

Dua is communication with Allah Almighty, the All-Knowing and the All-Powerful. Dua, or supplication as it is sometimes referred to in the English language, is an act of extraordinary significance. Dua is the most uplifting, empowering, and transforming act of worship. We turn to Allah Almighty because we know that He alone can lift our sufferings and solve our problems. We feel relieved after describing our difficulties to our Creator. When we make Dua, we get a new commitment to follow His path, for that is the only path for success here and hereafter.

Scroll below to find a few Duas highlighted by our community.

Duas For Daily Life

Invocation for anguish.jpg
Invocation for the well being in this wo
Quranic invocation for seeking forgivnes
Quranic invocation for true Guidance.jpg
Special invocation of Allah's Messenger.
Supplications After Obligatory Prayers.jpg
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